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    Sorting and describing brand names in your Magento store is not a challenge anymore. Whenever you put a new brand in the store or help your customers to find the required one, Magento shop by brand extension assists you in that. From now on your clients will be able to sort the products according to their brand names and make their search more convenient.

    Key features:

    • Ability to categorize products by brands
    • You can connect any product with a brand
    • A page, displaying all brands
    • Uploadable image for every brand
    • WYSWYG-edited page for every brand
    • Multi-store support
    • Configurable SEO-friendly brand pages URLs
    • Drop-down brands menu on the front-end

    Overall information

    Magento brand extension allows you to create a list of brands, using your admin panel. You can add a brand mark to every specific product and display it as a filter on category view and a drop-down menu.

    With Magento Brands and Logos extension you can upload images and create individual description pages with configurable, SEO-friendly URLs for every brand, as well as displaying them all in one place.Brands are connected to products as attributes and are created in a separate section. You can set brand name, description, logo and meta-data for the brand page.

    Visit the demo admin panel.

    • Free upgrades and support
    • 100% open source
    • 30 days money back

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    Product Reviews:

    • betofashion

      Mar 05, 2013
      The extension brands is great to see, also the service of this company is very good. It was not easy to install this but they have made not a problem at all and they reacted very fast on mail and fix it.
    • Allmet

      Mar 04, 2013
      I am a Fan of BelVG. This Brands and Logos was not my first and will not be my last extension from them!
      Brands and Logos is working perfectly, a great feature for every website.
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
      User-friendly grid to manage brands
      User-friendly grid to manage brands
    • 4
      Create brand pages in WYSIWYG editor
      Create brand pages in WYSIWYG editor
    • 5
      Brand page
      Brand page
    • 6
      Brands drop-down menus
      Brands drop-down menus
    • 7
      Product page contains clickable brand image
      Product page contains clickable brand image
    • 8
      Brand categorization
      Brand categorization
    • 9
      Brands page
      Brands page
  • Magento Brands and Logos User Guide


    How to Use

    It’s time to get acquainted with Brands and Logos features and the ways customers take benefit of them.

    The user sees individual description pages for the brand and goods added to this brand.

    The customer may see all brands displayed in one place.

    If configured, extra brands drop-down menus are displayed.


    The user can easily navigate from product page to brand page.


    The customers will be able to sort the products according to their brand names and make their search more convenient.

    How to Configure

    Log in to the admin panel, and we will show you how to configure the extension step by step.

    Go to System -> Configuration -> Brands and Logos. In the Settings area, enable the extension, enter URL key and title the brands page.

    In the Brands List area, configure brands page view and drop-down menus. In the Brand View Page area, configure the product grid view on the brand page.

     Navigate to Catalog -> Manage Brands.

     Click Add Brand to create a new brand page or click Edit to edit any of the existing ones.

    Upload the image, create individual description page in WYSIWYG editor and enter page URL key.

    Go to Catalog -> Manage Products and choose a product to add a brand mark. You may add a brand mark to every specific product.

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