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    Facebook Connect Free

    Have fun with your customers and do your business at the same time. Connect your store to Facebook and let the world biggest community influence your sales. With Magento Facebook Connect Free extension clients log in to your store, using their Facebook accounts. That’s it. There is no need to complete numerous forms for the successful registration. The extension is absolutely free! Start your advertising campaign with more than 800 million active users on board. So easy, right?   

    Magento Facebook Connect Free features:

    • The customers can register with their Facebook accounts only
    • All product pages have the Like feature
    • Recent activity widgets
    • Magento Facebook Connect module is available for free!

    Overall information

    It is very convenient for clients to log in to the store, using their Facebook accounts with the help of Magento Facebook Connect. Customers’ Facebook account information is perfectly applicable for successful registrations.

    Using Magento Facebook Connect Free Extension, you will keep up with customers’ preferences and continue advertising your store.

    In the Login Button field you may insert image you want for login button. By default it is a standard button.

    The Login feature is useful for all Magento stores. It is both a free advertisement method and a smart teaser for general public.

    • Free upgrades and support
    • 100% open source
    • 30 days money back

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    Product Reviews:

    • Edi

      Nov 02, 2014
      Very good extensions, thanks!
    • maseer

      Sep 22, 2014
      Thanks! This is an amazing extension!
    • guadalupe

      Oct 23, 2013
      Thanks! This is an amazing extension!
    • Szőke

      Aug 29, 2013
      Very nice module! Thanks!!
    • Babak

      Jun 27, 2013
      Really Good, nice and Professional helpdesk. They contacted me very fast and solved the issue rapidly. I am really happy with the extension and their support! Great Job Guys! Babak
    • dimeoscuro

      Jun 27, 2013
      Excellent, it is surprising that it is free.

      But the best is the technical support. Yes .. Free ... and technical support.
    • WaynessaBags

      Jun 27, 2013
      Connecting your store with Facebook is pretty much an essential these days, and this product does the job well - and it's free!

      On top of that, the support has been fantastic. I had a couple of issues configuring the plugin on my site and the guys fixed it up for me with no fuss.
    • Tiago Reganha

      Jun 21, 2013
      I must say I am deeply admired by the kind of support you gave to a non-paying costumer and you are for sure on the top of the list once I have fund to get more extensions.
    • 1107pm

      Mar 04, 2013
      Just want I wanted, and free! Looks great, too. Several options.
    • Malina

      Feb 20, 2013
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