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Checkout Fields for Magento® 2

Checkout Fields for Magento® 2

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Add new checkout fields like personal names, specific questions and yes/no forms, required or optional for customers to fill in to your Magento® store. Unlimited number and all types of fields are available.




Sometimes the default set of fields on a checkout page is just not enough to fulfill specific ideas or goals that may arise for marketing purposes. Using Magento® 2 Checkout Fields extension will let you add unlimited number of extra fields to your standard checkout page.

Key features:

  • Unlimited number of extra fields on default checkout pages;
  • Fields are fully customizable and support various types of validation;
  • Custom fields can be added to any checkout step;
  • Set a scheduler to automatically add/remove additional fields;
  • All answers are automatically saved on the order page;
  • Track the answering stats;
  • Multi-language stores supported;
  • Compatible with Magento® 2.

Add various sorts of custom fields to the default checkout steps on your Magento® 2 store: text fields, radio buttons, selectors, yes/no answers and other areas where you can ask your customers for some additional information or if you need to get some feedback. The fields are pretty customizable and support multiple types of validations. No special programming skills required to use the extension - just drag-and-drop the fields to the required place on the page.

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