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Custom Success Page For Magento® 2

Custom Success Page For Magento® 2

Increase capabilities of a default Checkout Success Page to create a favorable impression upon customers: add appropriate related products, say “thank you” by video or picture, give a discount charged with the next purchase.


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The extension gives you an opportunity to customize the success page in a few clicks. You can complement this page with various blocks, such as coupons, related products, “Thank you” messages and special offers.

Key features:

  • Related products. Show customers appropriate products they can be interested in;
  • Coupons. Add blocks with discount and other offers;
  • Clear blocks management. WYSIWYG and HTML-editors for smart and simple blocks editing;
  • Auto creation. Generate price rules, discount code and all necessary static blocks with no efforts;
  • Configurable rules. Display order number and discount code according to certain conditions;
  • Full customization. Complete access to manage default Magento® success page blocks.

The whole experience is made up of the details. This extension allows changing the view of your webstore success page. You can do it as often as required. Moreover, there is no need to contact a developer, because WYSIWYG-editor makes the success page customization as simple as editing text and adding images in MS Office.

  • Add coupons
  • Related Products
  • Turn off the default Magento<sup>®</sup> blocks
  • Module Configurations
  • Modify or add your own static blocks
  • WYSIWYG-editor
  • Display order ID number
  • Display discount code
  • Price Rule Customization
  • 1 Year Free Support Guarantee
  • 100% Open Source
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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