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Framer for Magento® 2

Framer for Magento® 2

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Multifunctional and flexible extension to sell frames. The user customizes the frame by defining its size, material, color, thickness, mounts, glazing and more. Customers can upload pictures and insert them into the template of the frame.



Framer is a professional tool for those who sell picture frames - decorative edgings for paintings or photographs. This extension helps users customize the frame by defining its size, material, color, thickness, mounts, glazing and more. Frame template is displayed instantly according to the options selected. Customers can upload their pictures and insert them into the frame they created. Accessories can be sold together with the frame.

Key features:

  • Perfect tool to sell frames;
  • Selected options are demonstrated in the generated image instantly;
  • Upload patterns for mounts and glazing;
  • Assign associated accessories;
  • Possibility of uploading and displaying customer images within frame;
  • Possibility of selecting and customizing multiple mounts;
  • Thickness configuration;
  • 360° frame view;
  • Flexible price configuration;
  • Wall view.

Overall information

Let the users create the dream frame with Magento® Framer extension! When every single detail is taken into account, the frame along with its mounts will not only protect but complement the artwork.

Frame creation process is easy and fun. Step by step, customer can define the size of the frame and number of pictures within the frame, configure mounts and thickness, select suitable glazing options and accessories. The detailed order review is available after all the options selected. Image uploader allows uploading and editing pictures for the frame to look as realistic as possible.

Upload frame and mount swatches easily in the back office. Frames can be displayed in 360° View.

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