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Guest Wish List for Magento® 2

Guest Wish List for Magento® 2
In default Magento®, wishlist is a feature that is available only for signed up users. But using Guest WishList, you can allow guest users to make their wish lists and save there products that they are willing to buy.

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Default Magento® functionality allows only signed up users to add products to Wish List. Users that are not signed up may want to use wish lists as well. If you install the Guest Wish List extension for Magento®, your website visitors will able to add products to Wish lists even if they are not signed up. When guests return to your website, they can continue shopping from where they left off. Cookies LifeTime is set for 30 days, but you can set your own duration. The extension uses Ajax to add and remove products from wish list. Users can quickly add products from wish list to cart and finish their order.

Key features:

    • Products can be added to the wish list by guest users. From now on, no login is required to be able to add items to the wish list. Even unregistered clients can create their wish lists and access them later when they revisit your webstore again in a few days or weeks;

    • The Ajax functionality is used to add products to the wish list. Ajax is extremely flexible and convenient to use when it comes to managing shopping carts, whishlists or other attributes on a web-store. Ajax lets you easily add new items to your wish list, remove or edit them without leaving the main page. This incredibly improves your web-store user-friendliness and reduces bounce rate;

    • The items from the wish list can be added to the cart all at once or one by one. Customers have free choice to select products from the wish list that they would like to buy at the current moment. They are free to select either only several items from the list or add all items to the shopping cart at once with a single mouse click;

    • Products can be deleted from the wish list. Customers can easily revise and remove the products that they are not going to obtain from the wish list;

    • The last 3 items that have been added to the wish list are displayed on a sidebar. Users do not need to re-check the wishlist all the time to refine the list of products they have selected. The module will automatically display the last 3 added products in a separate side-block on every page;

    • There is a separate page to manage wish lists. When clicking the WishList button you get redirected to a separate page which displays all items that have been added to your wish list. You can delete either separate products from it or even clear all items from the list at once;

    • There is a possibility to set cookies lifetime. Increase cookies lifetime to give your customers more freedom to retain their wishlists for a longer time period.
  • Module configurations
  • Wish List Icon is added to the products
  • Link to Wish List
  • Wish List page
  • The last 3 items added to Wish List are displayed in sidebar
  • 1 Year Free Support Guarantee
  • 100% Open Source
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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