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LookBook for Magento® 2

LookBook for Magento® 2

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This Magento® extension lets you display your product page as a single big photo, which contains a set of markers. Each marker is linked to an associated product, which appears in a pop-up when the customer clicks on a marker.




Find a new way to present a number of related goods on a single product page with the help of the Lookbook module for Magento® 2. The extension lets you display a product page as a single photo with a set of markers pinned to different parts of the image.When a customer hovers the mouse point over the markers there appear pop-ups that display information about the linked products: a product photo, name and quantity.

Key features:

  • Set markers over different parts of a product image and link related items to each marker;
  • The pop-up window provides basic information about the linked product: name, image and quantity of items in stock;
  • Emphasize different image areas by highlighting them upon mouse hovering.

The extension is extremely useful for online stores that sell clothes, apparel, jewelry, furniture or other types of goods that can be combined with each other in various ways. Setting up markers on a single image helps you present associated goods as a single concept, the way, that the artist or designer meant it to be and encourage your customers to buy other goods that are related or can be combined with the main product.

If you want to emphasize specific areas on an image - let the module highlight them upon mouse hover.

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