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MageShop Responsive Template

MageShop Responsive Template

Great choice for a lot of store types, easy to install, simple to adjust and modify. MageShop is a fully responsive template with modern, not overdesigned look and feel, tailored for best user experience imaginable.


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Meet a new astonishing MageShop Responsive Template for Magento® stores. Airy and smart design can perfectly match the style of any internet-shop whether it offers fashion clothes, jewelry, handbags or any other trendy items. Responsive template will adjust page elements to resolution of any mobile device or tablet just on the fly, but the page will still maintain all main features and functions. Blocks and sliders are neatly arranged and placed to provide maximum convenience for user navigation.

Highlight features:

  • CSS transform for product images, banners, icons;
  • Adaptive Magento® theme;
  • Superb design perfect for a store that sells cloth and accessories;
  • PSD homepage included.

General features:

  • Cross-browser support. Compatible with IE8+, Firefox 10+, Safari 5, Chrome 5, Opera 10;
  • Magento® 1.9;
  • HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript.

Mobile features:

  • Device rotation support;
  • Android/iPhone/iPad compatibility;
  • Opera mobile compatibility.
  • 1 Year Free Support Guarantee
  • 100% Open Source
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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