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Media Gallery for Magento® 2

Media Gallery for Magento® 2

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Enhance your Magento® product galleries with Media Gallery extension. Use legendary Cloud Zoom and Fancybox plugins (they are embedded), add video to any product page and configure a thumbnails scroll.




Control and manage your product media files through a single Magento® 2 extension - Media Gallery. This module combines a full set of features that any e-store may require to arrange product images and videos in a neat and attractive way on the frontend: the extension adds a convenient scroll bar to list through product thumbnails, installs Cloud Zoom and Fancybox plugins and embeds a media player to play video files.

Key features

  • Advanced management of product galleries;
  • Fancybox plugin;
  • Cloud Zoom plugin;
  • Embedded video player;
  • A scroll bar for product thumbnails.

The Media Gallery is a an advanced solution for managing product images and video files. The module can arrange the playback of videos right on the product page and adds an eye-catching scroll bar to the product image gallery.

The extension also comes with two plugins that any reputable e-store must-have:

Cloud Zoom: the best image zoom tool ever! Used and loved by millions of web-store owners the plugin will make your images look even more impressive.

Fancybox: a light and easy-to-use tool for displaying photos, images and media-files in a pop-up box that supports animation, mouse scrolling and other effects.

With the Media Gallery extension you can add some real magic to your product galleries!

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