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Private Sales

Private Sales

Install the extension to work with resellers and private individuals. Restrict access to the website for a general public and specify pages to be visible for a closed community.

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Regular Price: $79

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Magento Private Sales

Restrict access to your webstore and make it less public with Magento Private Sales extension. Creating a closed community (resellers, private individuals), admin may block login or registration options and add customers on his/her own. Admin defines a landing page for users to be placed on and sets exceptions – visible zones.

Key features:

  • Restricting access to guests
  • Allowing/denying registration to the public
  • Specifying landing page for visitors
  • Assigning exception pages to be visible
  • Allow/denying access to CMS pages

Overall information

Are you planning to offer products at a special price to a limited number of people? Then deny access to visitors, who are not registered or even block the registration option for a mass public.

Admin is in charge of access to any content of the store. He/she assigns exceptions to be visible, ex. category page. In this case customers will be able to view categories, but will fail trying to open product pages.

Landing and CMS page visibility are also configurable.

Visit our demo store and click here to access admin panel (login [email protected]/password guest123).

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  • Settings
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