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Product Labels for Magento® 2

Product Labels for Magento® 2

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Use the extension to make products noticeable and inviting by adding “Sale”, “Hot Item”, “New”, “In Stock” and other labels to their images. Upload original product labels and type any text inside.





Make your products more visible with the help of the Product Labels extension for Magento® 2 shops. The module lets you add any type of label with any text to a product image: Hot Sale, Discount, New Arrivals or any other tag which may help you invite more customers and increase your sales.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Magento® 2;
  • Add labels to any product;
  • Customizable label texts.

Colorful tags and stickers always attract our attention. Do not let your clients pass by and leave some items unnoticed - set a label to the products you want to promote to make them more inviting and eye-catching. The module is simple to use - just upload labels to the desired products images and add the text you wish to display, neither programming nor other special skills are required.

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