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Referral Bonus and Reward System v.2.0

Referral Bonus and Reward System v.2.0

This Magento extension activates referral system that allows customers to invite new users to your store and get bonuses. They can earn discounts in a variety of ways and greatly influence your user base as a result.


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For this extension BelVG provides free professional installation and configuration as well as one year of free support, free upgrades and 30 days money back guarantee. Try it now - you lose nothing.

Magento Referral Bonus and Reward System is a useful module that motivates your customers to invite their friends to your store. Users profit from every successful referral registrations or purchase. Allow your customers to use social services, email and direct link for sharing invitations with new Magento Referral Bonus and Reward System.

Key features:

  • Invite new users in a huge variety of ways;
  • Get a discount for new referrals;
  • Use this discount for future purchases;
  • Let your customers control the amount of points they want to spend on a purchase;
  • Invite users via email systems and social services or a direct link;
  • Share points with other registered users.

Overall Information

Now there is no need to spend time for inventing new ways of attracting new visitors to your store – your loyal customers can help you do this.

The Referral Bonus module allows you to gift your customers with special points for every extra person whom they bring to a successful registration and/or purchase on your website. Customers can later spend these points on their own purchases or keep and even share with some other registered users.

The module provides a list of various methods which a customer can use to attract more friends and acquaintances: to send special invitation e-mails directly from their account, share referral links via social media and even import their Gmail, Yahoo or MSN address books into their store account to have a greater list of potential customers whom they can bring to your store.

This extension can make your store from just another place to purchase things, into a real community with highly-motivated and loyal customers who will take much of the burden of promoting your website in social media and attracting new customers on their shoulders.

Do not miss you chance for a good promotion opportunity!

Visit the demo admin panel.

  • 1 Year Free Support Guarantee
  • 100% Open Source
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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