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Welcome to BelVG Magento® Extensions Store!

You are about to encounter a collection of top selling legendary Magento® extensions and themes that are installed on over 25 000 stores to make both owners and customers satisfied and happy. It’s highly recommended to browse through them thoroughly. Feel free to check out user guides, screenshots, video guides and play with demos. If large selection confuses you somehow, you don’t know what module to choose or have any other questions – don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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  1. Magento<sup>®</sup> Dropdown Menu

    This Magento® extension increases control over the store menu panel by adding various content to it - subcategories, images, video, templates, etc. Category content administration is quite easy due to its block structure.

  2. Magento<sup>®</sup> Age Verification
    Age verification is an important requirement for stores that for instance sell alcohol, but there are a lot more stores that can need a verification of some sorts – be it an age check, or agreeing with the terms of services. This Magento® extension allows you to lock the store or certain products behind a verification popup and easily customize how the popup should look.
  3. Quick View

    This Magento® extension allows customers to view products basic information and images in popups on category and homepages. Quick View window includes adding items to cart and wishlist, e-mailing info to friends, switching between products and more without leaving current pages.

  4. Magento<sup>®</sup> Store Locator

    This Magento® extension helps customers to find the offline store most suitable to them based on location or specific products avaliability. Fully integrated with Google Maps, the extension will also show the best route to the selected store.

  5. Magento<sup>®</sup> Size Assistant Module
    Add an interactive size assistant to your product pages. The user defines body measurements and the assistant displays the perfect size. It’s possible to add to cart the product of the right size from the assistant popup.
  6. Magento<sup>®</sup> Ajax Cart

    This Magento® extension grants customers fast access to their carts on any page of the store. Upon adding the product to the shopping cart, it will be updated without page reloading. Ajax Cart Pro works with all types of products.

  7. Magento<sup>®</sup> Animated Slider
    The main goal of the slider is to draw attention to the things you want to show. Animation of this slider is a way to further increase its effectiveness and overall – make the site look more modern and professional. Our Animated Slider Magento® Extension allows you to create any number of sliders and slides with highly customizable dynamic content, animations and hyperlinks – everything you might need for successful marketing.
  8. Magento<sup>®</sup> Colors, Sizes and Materials Swatch v.2.0

    The extension has a set of tools to add images to custom options of configurable products. The product picture is modified instantly and displayed in a proper way, when user selects color, size and other options.

  9. Facebook All in One

    The main features of this Magento® extension include login with Facebook account, Facebook Like button for all store products, Facebook Share option, Recent activity widget and other features.

  10. Magento<sup>®</sup> Brands and Logos

    Specify a brand name for every product in the store and show them as a filter on a category view. There is also an option to create individual description pages for every brand and display them all at one place.

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