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Product Tabs extension for PrestaShop allows customization of tabs on product pages. Admins can create, replace, or remove tabs; choose layouts and type of blocks, including content blocks that admins can customize via WYSIWYG editor, Content Form tab, or reviews.

By default PrestaShop allows creating only two tabs on the product page. They are hardly customizable and don't let you create informative product pages. In many cases, default tabs may not be enough to showcase all the benefits and features of the item.

The BelVG Prestashop module allows store owners to add extra product tabs. They can choose among several types of tabs and insert text blocks, pictures, video, and even downloadable attachments. It offers merchants many ways to engage customers and showcase products. There's also a possibility to hide some tabs from certain customer groups.


Key Features

  • Create an extra tab for all products or specific items. You can add as many tabs as you need. Remove default Prestashop product tabs if required.
  • Choose any available tabs: product detail tabs, reviews, contact forms, attachment tab. Pick layout between vertical, horizontal, and accordion options.
  • Add any content: add tab with image, video, widgets, and variables. Edit the background, color, and fonts. Set up the tabs' order using the drag-and-drop technique.
  • Assign product tabs for specific customer groups, such as B2B customers.


The Benefits of Prestashop Product Tabs Module

Product Tabs plugin usage provides the following key benefits.

  • Optimize product pages and save space on them. Neatly organize different content such as widgets, videos, and images. By composing product info and placing it into various tabs, you can efficiently communicate with users without page overload.
  • Elevate the shopping experience. Make page navigation effortless. Users won't have to scroll endlessly to find what they need; clear tab titles guide them to the relevant information. It will increase the overall page usability and decrease the bounce rate.
  • Reach specific audiences. Product tab extension flexibility lets you control tab visibility for particular customer groups. This way, you can personalize customer interactions and implement marketing strategies to speak directly to specific audience segments.

Our module will help you build a product page that provides all the necessary information, is efficient in space usage, and is user-friendly. Easy navigation and targeted personalization will contribute to your conversion rate.


Examples of Prestashop Product Tabs Usage

There are several ways to use our module for customizing your product page look. You can choose between different product tab styles to display on the frontend.


Product Tab Styles

  • Vertical. With this kind of content placement, there will be free space on the left side of the page. Since such tabs aren't collapsible, they're more suitable for small amounts of content.

custom tab product page prestashop


  • Horizontal. This tabs type helps to arrange the content on the page compactly. Such tabs can be collapsed and expanded, so they can accommodate more content.

prestashop extra products tab


  • Accordion. Allows you to leave a space on the left side of the page. When using accordion product tabs, you can configure them to remain open all the time or to open when users click on them.

prestashop products tab


The accordion tab with all tabs open is suitable if you want to leave a lot of free space on the left side of the screen and if you place little information in the tabs. Otherwise, scrolling down the page will take a long time, which isn't user-friendly.


Types of Product Tabs

Besides simple text blocks, our PrestaShop module allows you to create other types of tabs.

  • Content Tabs. You can add text, images, videos, and other content to such tabs. They can be customized for specific products or be identical for all products.

prestashop video tab


  • Contact Form. This tab allows users to send a message to the store administrators by specifying their email. They can also attach a file to the message.

prestashop product extra tabs


  • Product Description tab. In such a tab, you can place detailed product info.


  • Product Attachment. The Prestashop product attachment tab allows adding different types of files to this tab so that users can download them. These may include descriptions, guides, technical specifications, etc.

prestashop product attachment tab


  • Prestashop Product Detail Tab. This tab type lets you specify particular product details: material, dimensions, stock availability, etc.

prestashop product detail tabs


In ecommerce, providing as much information about the product as possible is crucial. Customers can't touch and feel the product in person, meaning online stores need to show a product description that can be a worthy alternative to the actual product experience. The BelVG Product Tab module for PrestaShop provides merchants with a user-friendly tool to effectively highlight all aspects of products.

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