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Promo Popup extension for Magento 2 provides popup templates with three display modes: banner, banner with promo coupon, newsletter. Available backgrounds include Halloween, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and more. The features include control over popup appearance, frequency, and content.

The Promo Popup extension for Magento 2 is a tool to display promotional popups within your online store. It's a functional add-on for any Magento-based online store looking to implement holiday-related popups showcasing promotions, discounts, and sell-off opportunities.

This extension offers a solid range of features to suit ecommerce business owners' promotional needs. It provides a straightforward way to communicate offers and information to the customers without intruding.



Key Features

  • Choose the suitable popup option from several available variations. You can show a simple banner with a discount offer, display a Magento coupon popup, or use our Magento popup extension for newsletter subscriptions to send promo codes.
  • Customize popup templates. With the built-in editor, you can change the text and layout of the template and add the images you want.
  • Use the widget to show additional blocks. You can add page links, static blocks, footer links, category and product links, etc.
  • Choose where to show the promo popup. You can display it on all pages or use our Magento popup extension only for the homepage or checkout page.
  • Specify the time after which the popup will be shown. The store administrator can indicate the time interval after the user loads the page to display the popup.
  • Select the number of popup displays. You can control the number of popup displays, for example, limit it to the number of available discount coupons.


The Benefits of BelVG’s Magento 2 Popup Extension

Popups are common in marketing strategies for a reason. They're versatile tools that resonate with customers in various ways.

Below are the main benefits of implementing popups via the Magento popup plugin.

  • Attract attention. Use appealing designs to highlight new information and offers to engage customers.
  • Support branding. Let popups emphasize your brand by spotlighting featured products and events while supporting a recognizable, friendly identity.
  • Increase engagement. Use Promo Popup feature range like subscription forms and trigger marketing actions to boost customer interaction on the website.
  • Improve conversion rate. Promo popups help raise conversion rates by stimulating customers to purchase at the right time.


How It Works

Once you install the module, the following options for using it on the frontend will be available.

  • Simple banner with discount code or a promo coupon. You can set the banner to be displayed on every store page, only on the homepage, or, for example, checkout. Choosing pages for displaying the banner will help you to fine-tune your advertising campaigns and, as a result, make them more effective.

Extension Magento for code promotion

  • Newsletter popup. You can use a Magento popup extension’s newsletter signup template to allow users to submit their emails and send them promo codes. Such a newsletter popup will help you to engage users in the purchasing process and extend your customer database by capturing their contact data.

Magento newsletter popup extension free

  • Custom popup templates. Add relevant images and variables to customize the premade templates. This way, you'll create popups fitting your current needs. You can design layouts relevant to a specific holiday or event, such as Halloween.

Newsletter Popup Magento 2 extension

  • Additional blocks. You can add products, footer links, static blocks, and other widgets to the popup. It will help you to emphasize the elements you need and thus direct users to the pages you want. 

Magento 2 Pop Up extension

Configuration Opportunities

The Promo Popup module offers a wide range of configuration opportunities.

  • Assign an ID for the popup session, which will be stored in the browser cookies not to show the Magento marketing popup to the same user repeatedly.p
  • Select the popup type to display: a simple banner, promo coupon, and Magento email subscription popup. Choose a suitable template and adjust it according to your needs.
  • Specify the pages on which the popup will be shown: all pages, just the checkout page or homepage popup. Mention the number of times the popup displays on the site.
  • Set the condition when the popup will show up. You can choose one of two options: delay or scrolling, and set the delay time or the number of scrolls accordingly.

Popups aren’t just attention grabbers but effective tools that cater to different aspects of marketing, from drawing attention to boosting conversions. Our promotional popup extension for Magento 2 will help your store to increase sales and expand the customer base.


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