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The Magento Quick View extension simplifies navigation by displaying the product page in a popup. The page URL doesn't change, and it isn’t reloaded. Users can add an item to the shopping cart directly from the popup without leaving the page. 

Many sites require users to switch from the catalog to the product page if they want to see detailed item descriptions and photos. In this case, users must make unnecessary clicks and can get frustrated when returning to previous pages is difficult or takes long.

The Magento 2 Quick View extension solves this problem by providing product information through popup windows, streamlining the navigation process. Customers can easily compare items and check sizes and colors without switching pages.

The Quick View button on every catalog and category page opens a popup with all necessary details, such as price, description, and options to add to the cart or wishlist.

The Quick View extension is optimized for both desktop and mobile use.


Key Features

  • Detailed product preview window. The Magento Quick View popup provides all essential information customers may need before making a purchase, including the price, images, rating, available sizes and colors, in-stock/out-of-stock status, quantity, buttons for Add to Cart, Wishlist, Email, Add to Compare, Go to Product Page, and additional links for product reviews.
  • Customized popup styles. You can select a button or icon for the Quick View display, adjust text and color, upload custom icons, modify background color and button position, and control opacity settings to match your store's aesthetics.
  • Interactive experience. The Quick View Magento extension allows customers to add products to the cart, wishlist, or comparison list; visit the product page; send the item by email.
  • Ajax technology usage. It allows customers to add items to the cart from the popup window without leaving the catalog page, maintaining all filter settings. It provides a smoother shopping experience without reloading the main page.


The Benefits of Magento 2 Quick View Extension

Quick View extension usage provides the following advantages.

  • Improve navigation. Allowing seamless additions to the cart without page reloads ensures a smoother, uninterrupted shopping experience and reduces unnecessary clicks. It leads to lower bounce rate.

  • Enhance the shopping experience. The module streamlines browsing by providing quick access to product details, saving customers time. It increases the chances that users will make a purchase and, therefore, boosts your sales.

  • Increase conversion rate. Interactive popups allowing immediate actions such as adding to a cart, comparison list, and wishlist will encourage users to make purchasing decisions quicker.

These benefits contribute to a more satisfying user experience, boosting sales and customer loyalty.



How It Works

When the Magento Quick View module is installed, the following elements will be available on the frontend.

  • Quick View popup on all products in the store. The user sees the Quick View button on a product and realizes that by clicking on it, they can view the item information without going to the product page.

Quick view Magento 2

  • Basic product information in the popup. The popup shows product photos, price, size, and colors. It can also include Add to Cart, Add to Compare, Email, and Add to Wishlist buttons. Access to a quick view of product information directly from the catalog makes it easy for the user to select products. They don't have to constantly switch back and forth between product pages and the catalog. The users are likelier to buy more products and increase the average check.

Magento Quick View Popup


Customizability Opportunities

The module offers a wide range of possibilities to customize the popup display.

  • You can customize the popup button as well as change its location. Changing the button's color, text, and background is also possible. This way, you can adjust the popup design to suit the layout of your store best.

Magento 2 Quick view extension

  • You can choose to display the button as an icon. Instead of a regular button, selecting an icon to indicate the Magento 2 product Quick View feature is possible.

The Magento product Quick View extension is vital for a thriving webstore since it's simplifying navigation by offering key product details through handy popups. It enables customers to check product info and add items to wishlists effortlessly and the cart without switching pages. It enhances user experience and efficiency.

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