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Promo Popup extension for PrestaShop delivers eight adaptable popup templates. There are three display modes: banner, banner with promo coupon, newsletter. This extension features a variety of themed backgrounds for occasions like Halloween, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and more.

The PrestaShop Popup module is designed to manage popups for promoting various events. It’s a template set of different popup types for occasions such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Christmas, General, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, and Covid-19. Create popups to highlight seasonal sales, discounts, special offers, and promo codes, and gather users’ emails. 

This module provides a simple and effective way to communicate specific promotions to customers. Its functionality allows creating informative popups without being overly intrusive.

popup module prestashop


Key Features

  • Select from three different types of popup such as banner, promo coupon, and form for newsletter subscription.
  • Choose one of 8 templates and edit it by modifying the text, images, widgets, and variables.
  • Decide where to display the promo popup: on all pages, only the homepage or the checkout page.
  • Set up the event that triggers popup appearance: a time interval after loading the page or scrolls number.
  • Control the frequency of popup displays and establish the number of their appearance.


The Benefits of  PrestaShop Popup module

Popups are used a lot because they’re multipurpose marketing tools. Here's why using the Prestashop popup plugin might be a good idea.

  • Get customers' attention. Use creative designs to show new offers and information. It can get people more interested in what you're selling.
  • Promote your brand. Popups can show your updates and special events, making customers feel more familiar with the brand.
  • Engage users. Get people to interact more on your website via features like sign-up forms.
  • Boost sales. Stimulate visitors to buy more by making beneficial offers at the right time.

As you can see from the listed advantages, a relatively simple tool like Promo Popup can be very effective when properly customized.


How It Works

After you install the module, you'll have three ways to show things in popups to your customers. Those are banners, promo coupons, and newsletters.

  • Banner. The basic type is a popup banner for Prestashop. Use it to promote deals, sales, company updates, etc. You can include a suitable picture, the offer text, and the promo code.

popup banner for prestashop


  • Newsletter. A newsletter popup for Prestashop lets visitors sign up with their email to get letters with news, promo deals, sales, and other info from your store. It's an easy way to collect users' contact information.

PrestaShop newsletter popup plugin


  • Promo coupon. It's a banner where users are offered to input emails to get special promo codes. This mode requires setting a cart rule to generate unique discount codes.

restaShop promo popup plugin


Configuration Opportunities

The BelVG Popup module for PrestaShop is very customizable.

  • Choose a display area. Define where to display the popup on all pages, the homepage, or the checkout page. Choosing the pages to place the popup depends on its purpose and message.
  • Specify display method. Mention what triggers the popup: delay or scrolling. A scrolling popup is shown exactly where you decided to place it. However, there's a risk that the user will leave before reaching a certain point of scrolling, while this won't happen with a delayed popup. It's worth trying both options to determine which will bring the highest conversion rate.
  • Determine the number of appearances. Indicate how many times the popup will be shown on the website. It will help you control the number of promo codes or gifts you plan to give away.
  • Change the popup's look. Choose the template you like and customize it. You can completely customize our templates to your needs, down to the smallest detail.
  • Edit the content. Manage the content displayed in the popup. Compose attention-grabbing text for your popup to maximize its effectiveness.


Frontend Overview

There are several different templates for each topic/holiday for different display modes: banners, promo coupons, newsletters.

  • 9 templates for Black Friday
  • 5 templates for Cyber Monday
  • 4 templates for Halloween
  • 5 templates for Christmas
  • 5 General templates
  • 3 templates for Valentine’s day
  • 3 templates for Women’s day
  • 2 templates for Covid-19

Popups do more than just catch the visitor's eye; they're effective marketing tools. Using the Prestashop popup plugin extension can help your store sell more things and get more customers.

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